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Jun. 26th, 2010 | 12:51 pm
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i've been gone so long

i'd like to pierce my septum.
i'd like to live in seattle, berkeley and vancouver.
i'd like to travel and get paid for it, instead of paying for it.
i'd like to lay in bed and listen to cuddlecore for hours.
i'd like it if more of my friends were on gaia and not facebook.
i'd like it if none of my friends used facebook so i didn't have to.
i'd like summer to go by much faster.
i'd like to never miss a 10:08 again.
i'd like to be educated and interesting.
i'd like to meet more educated and interesting people and fall in love with them.
i'd like a lot of things right now. i'm scared if i don't start keeping records again i'll lose everything.
i'd like another cup of coffee.

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