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les betises

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Mar. 2nd, 2010 | 08:12 pm
listening to: Neon Bible - Arcade Fire

i want someone to speak disjointed, nonsensical french with me. could i make a classified ad like that?
"female seeking likeminded linguistics-oriented human bean to learn through terribly embarrassing mistakes (the safe way) please call xxx-xxxx"
would you answer something like that?
i would like to have coffee with rachel,
and i would like to be loved.
i would like to camp out in a foreign state again, but this time i want to wake up next to you.
i don't want to hold back tears in traffic anymore, any time that song comes on. i don't really want to be stuck in traffic anymore.
i want more scars. i wish i'd made more mistakes back before i met fear because fear is a terrible friend to keep in your company.

english class is not killing me and i may even be enjoying it. people tell me my memories are fake though.
sorry i'm five years late for everything, honestly.

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